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   The archives are located at TOGnews  An index of E-mail archives consists of hundreds of messages grouped together, formatted into a single document for each subject.  It eliminates searching through 7 or 8 years of messages to compile information on a particular subject.   Another way to access the files is download all of files as a single 8 MB zip file (heaters are in their own zip file). When unzipped on your hard drive, they will be in the folders below and always ready for immediate access.



                              Tayana List Archives


     Alternators                        Alternators.htm                                                         114 KB

                                              Alternators.rtf                                                           70.9 KB


      Anchors                           Anchors.htm                                                             135 KB

                                              Anchors.rtf                                                                109 KB


     Batteries                           Batteries.htm                                                            127 KB

                                              Batteries.rtf                                                              96.6 KB


     Bird Poop                         Bird Poop.htm                                                          15.0 KB

                                              Bird Poop.rtf                                                             12.0 KB


    Circuit Breakers         Circuit Breakers (12-VDC Stotz-110-VAC Mitsubishi).htm    19.0 KB

                                      Circuit Breakers (12-VDC Stotz-110-VAC Mitsubishi).rtf       13.0 KB


     Cutlass Bearings             Cutlass Bearings.htm                                                  40.0 KB

                                            Cutlass Bearings.rtf                                                     30.0 KB


     Electronics                      Electronics.htm                                                          95.8 KB

                                            Electronics.rtf                                                              120 KB


    Engine Air Filters             Engine Air Filters.htm                                                 32.0 KB

                                            Engine Air Filters.rtf                                                    32.0 KB



            General                   Engines (general).htm                                                 146 KB

                                            Engines (general).rtf                                                   93.0 KB


            Heat exchangers-overheating                            

                                            Engines (heat exchangers-overheating).htm                   113 KB

                                            Engines (heat exchangers-overheating).rtf                     74.0 KB


            Props/Performance  Engines (props-performance).doc                                    2 MB

                                            Engines (props-performance).rtf                                    157 KB

                                            Engines (props-performance).htm                                 198 KB


      Fuel Cleaning                Fuel Cleaning.htm                                                      109 KB

                                            Fuel cleaning.rtf                                                         59.0 KB


     Garboard Drain              Garboard Drain                                                           17.9 KB

                                           Garboard Drain.rtf                                                        14.0 KB


     Heaters                          8 files covering heaters:                                                various...



                                            Force 10

                                            Heaters (general)






                      Feathering Propellers     

                                           Feathering Propellers.doc                                             170 KB

                                           Feathering Propellers.rtf                                               50.0 KB

                                           Feathering Propellers.htm                                            85.0 KB


                    Propellers & Prop Pitch 

                                          Props (from Tayana List).htm                                       197 KB

                                          Props (from Tayana List).rtf                                          113 KB


     Shaft Seals                   Shaft Seals (from Tayana List).htm                                 30.0 KB

                                          Shaft seals (from Tayana List).rtf                                    23.0 KB


     Stuffing Boxes             Stuffing Boxes (from Tayana List).htm                              178 KB

                                          Stuffing boxes (from Tayana List).rtf                                 125 KB



                 Fuel Tanks        Fuel Tanks.htm                                                              193 KB

                                          Fuel Tanks.rtf                                                                112 KB


                 Holding Tanks  Holding Tank.htm                                                           104 KB

                                          Holding Tank.rtf                                                             56.0 KB


                Tank Gauges     Tank Gauges.htm                                                           109 KB

                                          Tank Gauges.rtf                                                             93.0 KB


                 Water Tanks     Water Tanks.htm                                                            209 KB

                                          Water Tanks.rtf                                                              116 KB


      Tayana History            Tayana History (from Tayana List).htm                             37.0 KB               

                                         Tayana History (from Tayana List).rtf                                33.0 KB


       Teak Decks                Teak Decks (from Tayana List).htm                                   196 KB

                                         Teak Decks (from Tayana List).rtf                                      149 KB


       V-42 Chainplates        V-42 Chainplates.htm                                                       22 KB

                                         V-42 Chainplates.rtf                                                          24 KB