T37 - Roller Furling Staysail & Genoa

We just bought new headsails, are heading south, and have two used headsails available for sale.


The staysail is original (1986) and is a bit baggy but serviceable.  $150 OBO.


The genoa was made by Thurston in Rhode Island in 1995 (I believe) and is quite servicable.  Rachel's mast is about 2' taller than "standard", so the buyer is likely to need to do a bit of a recut. Last month we had the webbing at tack and clew replaced, telltales replaced, and a general "going over" by Ullman sails in Deltaville. $250 OBO.


Both sails have "pacific blue" UV protection. 


We plan to place them in consignment in FL.  We'll be in Deltaville, VA through Sunday the 19th.  The sails will be with us, so we'll need to make delivery arrangements "on the fly" on our way south. 


If interested, please contact us directly via email at svRachel@gmail.com.


Mark & Julie Kaynor

T37 "Rachel"