Repowering my Tayana 37 have Engine 3QM30F and Transmission for Sale

We have purchased a new 4JH4AE 54hp engine for our 1986 Tayana and will be installing at the end of this year or the first of Jan.  The existing engine is a Yanmar 3QM30F 33hp low hours with a KANZAKI  Gear Model KH18  The gear ratio is 2.03 with an output of 1281. The engine runs good, but we believe the wrist one pin needs to be replaced.  My husband does not want to repair, but replace with a larger engine.  The engine has an extra pulley on the crank, an extra alternator bracket , and a bracket for an engine driven water maker.   The extra alternator and the water maker does not go with the engine.  We do not wish to part out the engine/transmission, but to sale only as a whole.  Is you are interested in purchasing this, the price is up for discussion.  We will have it crated for shipment, purchaser will be responsible the cost of shipment. Email for photo